My name is Ertuğrul, and my nickname is Luke!


I am a web and iOS developer, working as a full-stack web application developer at a US company.

My top skills:

Some fun facts about me:


My Indie/Personal Projects

Masterlist: Focus & Tasks

Masterlist: Focus & Tasks

An advanced task manager combined with a highly customizable Focus Timer, performance charts, stats, and time log. Available on the App Store.

Built using Swift and XCode with native frameworks & technologies such as UIKit, Core Data, Local Notifications, AVFoundation, StoreKit, Localization and Internationalization, In-App Purchases, Networking, and third-party frameworks such as Google AdMobs (in previous versions), and other third-party libraries via CocoaPods. Maintained source control via Git.

It supports Dark Mode and Widgets coded with SwiftUI.



A currency converter, and foreign exchange calculator for iOS.

Built using Swift and XCode with native frameworks & technologies such as UIKit, Core Data, UITableView, Networking, RESTful API, JSON Encoding and Decoding with Codable protocol. It supports Dark Mode. Widgets for iOS 14 are being added using SwiftUI in the next version.


Flashcards is a cross-platform study tool. It calculates which flashcards you should study, and how often, based on a psychologically-proven spaced repetition algorithm. Create, edit, import, and export your own decks and flashcards, and do not forget anything you learn ever again!

Built with Python. Stores the data in a SQLite3 database. Database is managed with SQL queries. Object-oriented programming principles and techniques applied in a Pythonic way. CSV module is used to code import/export operations. GUI is designed by using tkinter libraries and its grid system. One-directory package made ready by pyinstaller. Maintained source control via Git. Stored remotely on GitHub.

Break the Code

Break a 3, 4, or 5 digit secret-code in this fun logic game, a clone of Bulls and Cows.

Built with Python, dJango, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and JavaScript.

Makes calculations and keeps high-score and latest game records on the server-side.


Sayibul is a freeware code-breaking puzzle game for Microsoft Windows, a variant of famous “Bulls and Cows” game.

The objective in the game is to find your opponent’s 4 digit secret number as early as possible with the help of the results of your previous guesses.

It has many surprising features, such as single player and multiplayer gaming (hot seat, LAN, and internet), in-game online chat, four difficulty levels, calculation board, and more. It supports two languages.

I programmed this game with Delphi when I was bored with my law exams, long time ago.

Simon Game

A simple memory game, a Simon clone, programmed with JavaScript and jQuery to become more familiar with them.


A simple random password generator, programmed with dJango to become more familiar with it.

DOS Games

I programmed a few DOS games (a typing-speed game, a platformer, a memory game, and a mastermind clone) with Turbo Pascal 7.0 with great joy when I was a high-school student. It was a challenging pleasure. I will list those games here one day. They are nostalgically valuable for me.

Ongoing Projects

Simply Chat

Simply Chat is an ongoing iOS app project.

The tools I use to build this app include: Swift and UIKit, Google Firebase (Cloud Firestore), User Authentication, MVC, Swift's Result type (introduced in Swift 5), UICollectionView Lists instead of UITableView (new in iOS 14!), No storyboards - All views are programmatically created, Object-Oriented Programming, Dependency Injection, Lazy initialization, Error handling, Memory management.

Other works


My public, bilingual, note-to-self blog, available since 2006 (to my surprise, attracted more than half a million people so far), mostly about GNU/Linux, software, and technology.


My gists on GitHub.